Save Money and Improve Efficiency with a High-Performance Driver Plan
May 22, 2024
High Performance Driver Plan

Having a dynamic team in the field has always been critically important for companies to grow their businesses. Especially on the B2B side, we know that many companies invest a significant portion of their resources into building strong connections with their customers. With the development of the service sector and e-commerce, the needs for field teams have diversified even further. Now, it's not just B2B customer visits being planned, but also delivery, maintenance, service, and repair processes that conclude at the customer's home are on companies' agendas. Given this situation, many different industries have set goals related to managing their field operations teams most efficiently.

Reduced Delivery Cost, Improved Operations and Better Customer Experience in Last Mile Delivery

Finding the shortest route among multiple locations to be visited is an algorithmic problem that needs to be solved, especially for Last Mile Delivery Companies. Ensuring your driver takes the most efficient route for fuel savings is important; however, achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by ensuring tasks are completed on time, and maintaining trackability and accessibility helps differentiate last mile delivery companies from competitors, marking a critical step towards success. In this direction, there are many different parameters you need to consider when planning your daily operations.

Here are some suggestions for a better driver plan:

1. Use a Driver App that Combines Multiple Features into One Platform

2. Plan Optimized Routes 

3. Prioritize Certain Deliveries in Your Routing

4. Prepare for Potential Delays and Adapt as Needed

5. Monitor Your Operations Like You're Watching a Movie

Many companies prefer to monitor these parameters through human effort and intuition from experience. Nonetheless, manually crafting those optimized driver schedules requires a significant amount of time, but today's technology, such as delivery management systems, can digitize this process, reduce errors, and simplify operations, allowing you to increase sales with peace of mind and facilitate the growth of your operations.

How can you do that? In this article, we will discuss five points on how you can create a better driver schedule, boost your team's performance, and reduce your costs.

Key Considerations for Creating a Robust and Effective Driver Plan

1. Use a Driver App that Combines Multiple Features into One Platform

The map apps we use every day to find places only give us basic directions. Typing in addresses by hand takes a lot of time and restricts the route to the order you enter the addresses. This doesn't compare to what a real driving app can do, which is to find the quickest and most efficient routes for you.

Route optimization enhances the efficiency of various resources. For instance, by selecting the fastest route, your driver can quickly complete assignments and take on additional tasks. Plus, choosing the shortest route also leads to fuel savings.

As your business expands and you have more places to reach, manual processes can become prone to delays or missed deliveries, which may not meet your customers' expectations. In the competitive last-mile delivery industry, minimizing these issues is key to keeping customers happy. Using a driver application that evaluates various factors can streamline your operations, saving time and boosting your profits more quickly.

A dispatcher optimizes considering some parameters such as order priority, driver availability, and vehicle capacity when assigning tasks. With QDelivery, you can assign hundreds of orders to your drivers in under 2 minutes.

2. Plan Optimized Routes

Optimizing delivery routes is essential after setting driver schedules, focusing on arranging delivery stops in the quickest and most efficient sequence. While Google Maps offers a free option for plotting stops, it requires manual input and does not automatically reorder stops for optimal efficiency, potentially leading to time wastage and increased costs.

For more robust and effective route planning, using specialized software like QDelivery is advisable. This software allows you to tailor settings based on variables such as delivery vehicle capacity, specific delivery time windows, and driver availability. It automatically generates optimized routes that minimize travel distances, provides real-time monitoring of drivers and traffic conditions, and offers the flexibility to adjust routes or add new stops on the go during deliveries. Employing advanced route planning tools like QDelivery can significantly enhance operational efficiency and boost profits.

3. Prioritize Certain Deliveries in Your Routing 

When using QDelivery to schedule driver routes, you can assign a priority level to each delivery. This provides two main benefits: it guarantees that specific orders are delivered to customers promptly, and it enables you to offer and charge for different delivery speeds when orders are placed.

Effective order prioritization is essential. QDelivery addresses this by employing an advanced algorithm that optimizes routes according to various factors, including the priority you set for each order. This feature ensures that QDelivery efficiently streamlines your delivery operations.

4. Prepare for Potential Delays and Adapt as Needed

Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes you need to adapt quickly.

QDelivery is designed to adapt swiftly when your drivers max out due to a high level of orders. It features an automatic order re-assignment for when delays strike due to traffic snarls or vehicle issues. Moreover, our platform offers a one-click re-routing option to efficiently navigate around unforeseen obstacles like roadblocks or accidents.

This capability ensures that deliveries remain on schedule and customer satisfaction stays high, even during the busiest times. QDelivery equips you to effortlessly manage and keep your operations smooth and responsive. Trust in technology to provide robust and flexible delivery solutions.

5. Monitor Your Operations Like You're Watching a Movie

QDelivery : Delivery Tracking

Late deliveries, lost packages, and unknown delivery statuses can drive customers away. A significant number of canceled or undelivered orders result from late deliveries or poor communication with customer service during the delivery process.

For many businesses looking to grow, visibility, real-time order tracking, and automated order notifications are essential for maintaining transparency and increasing customer satisfaction. These factors enhance trust in your brand and make your customers feel valued.

How do you ensure communication with your drivers throughout the day?

How do you respond to delivery status questions from end customers?

You can benefit from QDelivery to monitor all your processes and deliveries in real time on a single screen.

Instead of constantly calling your drivers for updates, enhance their performance by using some of QDelivery's many features:   

- Visibility and Tracking: When customers inquire about delivery status, you can quickly check and update them without having to contact anyone or share the location information directly with them.   

- Estimated Time of Arrival Notification: Notifications like "Your order is two stops away" can reduce failed deliveries. Sharing the estimated arrival time with your customers ensures they are home and prepared.

- Proof of Delivery: Addressing queries like "I didn't receive my order" becomes easy with QDelivery. Ask your drivers to take a photo upon delivery or scan a QR or SMS code, eliminating the need to contact drivers to understand what happened.

Conclusion: Maximizing Efficiency with an Effective Driver Plan

Creating an effective driver plan is crucial for improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring high customer satisfaction in last-mile delivery. Here's a summary of the key strategies:

1. Adopt a Multi-Feature Driver App: Leverage a comprehensive app like QDelivery to streamline task assignments, track driver availability, and manage vehicle capacity effectively.

2. Optimize Delivery Routes: Implement advanced route optimization tools to arrange stops in the most efficient order, saving time and reducing fuel costs.

3. Prioritize Deliveries: Assign priority levels to deliveries to ensure prompt completion of critical tasks and offer flexible delivery speeds to customers.

4. Prepare for Delays: Anticipate potential delays and maintain flexibility to adapt routes and schedules as needed.

5. Monitor Operations in Real-Time: Use real-time tracking to provide customers with up-to-date delivery information and obtain proof of delivery to enhance accountability.

By incorporating these strategies and utilizing delivery management systems like QDelivery, businesses can automate and digitize their delivery processes, reducing manual effort and errors. This approach not only boosts efficiency and profitability but also enhances the overall customer experience. Embracing these methods will help you develop a high-performance driver plan that supports business growth and operational excellence.

Ready to revolutionize your operations and achieve unmatched efficiency? Reach out to us today to learn more and take the first step toward operational excellence with QDelivery.