At QDelivery, we craft groundbreaking tools designed to revolutionize and empower delivery and field services globally, ensuring every task is completed with speed, efficiency, and a touch of innovation. 

We're not just working hard; we're working smart, channeling our expertise and passion into solutions that matter, for an industry we love and customers we cherish.

Outstanding success with the greatest team
Over 10 million orders
Over 130 million kilometers in deliveries
Most talented team of 20+ rockstars
Offices in Berlin and Istanbul
Millions of dollars in customer savings
Most talented team of 20+ rockstars
Jankat Mesut Sarı
Co—Founder, CEO
Barış Yıldız
Co—Founder, CCO
Özgür Kayım
Orkun Akar
Yasin Gülsuyu
Product Manager
Mustafa Akçakaya
Software Development Team Lead
Yusuf Onur Sarı
Software Engineer
İkbal Bilginer
Software Engineer
Ebrar Kırma
Front End Developer
Can Yılmaz
Software Engineer
Ezgi Yılmaz
Sales and Marketing Lead
Emircan Üye
Business Development Specialist
Kadir Saraç
Business Development Specialist
Kaan Öğüç
Customer Success Specialist
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