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Delight your customers, scale your operations and increase your efficiency with the world's most advanced smart delivery platform.


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What is QDelivery?

It is the reliable last mile delivery solution for companies operating in dozens of industries including food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, furniture and more.

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Hand Over Control to QDelivery

Once you've determined your delivery strategy, hand over control to QDelivery. With its smart algorithm, it will automatically match your package with the most ideal team or courier.

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Easily manage your operations

With QDelivery, the smart cloud-based delivery platform, you can easily manage tens of locations and thousands of couriers from the application.

Location Management

You can reduce your task creation time by creating an unlimited number of locations to make your work efficient.

Team Management

By creating teams, you can assign tasks directly to the courier or to the team pool.

Courier Application

Gain effective operation management with real-time data in all delivery processes of your courier.

End User Screen

Buyers can instantly follow the courier on the delivery screen and make adjustments to the package information.

Auto Pairing

With auto pairing, QDelivery automatically determines the courier for the package that best fits your strategy.

Bulk Delivery Assignment

You can import thousands of deliveries into QDelivery at once from your own app or route planning software.

Gather Proof of Delivery

You can make it mandatory to collect a delivery code and photo as proof of delivery.


You can easily connect to your existing apps to initiate a delivery or track a move.

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Reduce Your Costs, Focus on Your Core Business, Pay As You Use!

QDelivery is designed to intelligently and simply manage all of your complex final delivery processes. Our specialized technical and product team continues to improve QDelivery every day. Spend your time and thousands of dollars on your business.

K+ Company manages all its processes from QDelivery.

25K+ Courier is actively delivering every day.

10+ Prepared Integration, activation in just 1 minute.

5M+ Package is delivered monthly via QDelivery.

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