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Boost delivery efficiency, scale operations, and provide top-notch customer experience with the most advanced delivery software.

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Maximize efficiency in every delivery experience
Reduce delivery costs
Increase efficiency by 30% with route optimization
Use vehicle capacity at the highest level
Decrease gas consumption and maintenance cost
Streamline operations
Intelligent route optimization
Automated order processing and ETAs
Real-time order tracking and status updates
Exceed customer expectations
Automated SMS notifications about order status
Customer access to live tracking
Proof-of-delivery and customer feedback system
Start data-driven decision making
Track and visualize essential KPIs
Analyze and compare data across various dimensions
Discover key insights by exporting customized reports
Integrate with a range of channels
Connect 3rd party platforms
Create a custom integration with public API service
Import data using a CSV or Excel file
Promote sustainability
Minimize environmental impact by optimization
Track and report on environmental metrics
Implement eco-conscious operational practices

'QDelivery has truly transformed our operations by providing complete visibility and digitalizing our end-to-end delivery processes. Through the data gathered, we've achieved remarkable resource optimization gains of over 35%. QDelivery technology has allowed us to concentrate on commercial growth, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains paramount as we continue to expand and deliver millions of orders each month.'

Welcome to the world of QDelivery, where advanced technology meets exceptional delivery management.
Transform your business and discover outstanding success

Rate of on-time deliveries


Reduction in number of cancelled orders


Improvement in Overall Resource Optimization


Improvement in NPS

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